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Which Rooms are a Priority When Staging a Home?

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Which rooms should you prioritize when staging a house on a budget?

Not everyone can afford to arrange their entire property for sale.  Should you just not stage at all if money is scarce right now?

No, there’s a reason why a third of realtors advise all of their customers to stage their homes, even if they aren’t having trouble selling. It’s because staging is critical to getting the most money for your home as quickly as possible. When staging a home

  • You’ll be able to sell your home for a better price (an average of 6.32 percent over the listing price)
  • Increases the speed with which your home is sold
  • Beautiful web photographs entice potential purchasers.
  • Brings out the best features of your home (and downplays anything less-than-ideal)
  • While you shouldn’t avoid home staging entirely, you can choose to stage only particular rooms to save money. Knowing which areas to focus on during the staging process can help you stay on budget while still reaping the benefits of home staging.

Here are our suggestions for staging your property to sell on a budget:

Staging  for small budgets – The first-impression rooms

What are the first two rooms that potential buyers see when they walk in? These are the rooms that should be staged first, before anything else.

The living room and kitchen are usually the first two rooms that potential buyers enter. If you have a less typical plan, though, your home may be unique. If your dining room is straight off the front entrance, for example, you should start there.

Even if the remainder of your house is empty or cluttered with your old furniture and children’s toys, a strong first impression can influence how much potential buyers value your home. (And, because they’ll exit through the same door they entered, that lovely first impression will also be the perfect last!)

To summarize, the living room and kitchen are the rooms that make the first impression (usually).

The most lived-in rooms

If your budget allows it after you’ve staged your living room and kitchen, you should stage the areas that get the most use. People tend to spend the most time in these rooms, thus they’re often the rooms that people are most interested in seeing in a potential new home.

These rooms are the master bedroom and the dining room across the board. For homes without a dining room, a second living room, den, or first-floor office could be used.

Because we spend so much time in our bedrooms (and care about how they make us feel), arranging the master bedroom is a simple method to add value to your property right away. You may go above and beyond by including the master en suite bathroom with this room at no additional cost.

And setting your dining area entails staging the majority of your first floor. It will appear to potential buyers that your home has a consistent and pleasing flow as they go through it.

To summarize, the master bedroom and dining room are the most used rooms.

Staging the Entire House Budget Permitting

Do you remember those TV episodes where the final reveal is room after lovely room, all across the house? Consider how satisfying it would be if your home made that kind of impact on potential purchasers. When buyers compare your property to others that aren’t staged (cluttered with personal items that don’t match or are empty), the decision will be simple. That’s what arranging your entire home accomplishes.

So, if you have the financial means, we strongly advise you to stage your entire property. The majority of the time, you’ll recoup your investment in the final sale price, plus the expense you saved by selling soon.