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What Does a detached garage add to property value? (2023)

Garages can be attached or detached to your home and are extremely useful. They protect cars from Mother Nature, offer storage space for outdoor gear, and often serve as extra living space. If you’re considering adding a new garage to your property or remodeling an existing structure for this purpose, you may be considering how much does a detached garage add to property value.

These things aren’t cheap, and as a homeowner, you want to ensure that any money you pour into the home will increase its value when you’re ready to sell. This guide will break down the cost of adding a detached garage to your property, the different options available, and answer how much value one of the structures can add to your home’s value.

Building an attached garage is more expensive than a detached garage.

The cost of building a detached garage will vary depending on its size, location, materials, labor and other factors. It is not possible for the contractor to use the power or walls of your home while building your detached garage. This will result in a cost increase of 10% to 15% over an attached garage.

HomeAdvisor reports that the average price to build a home is $1,023 as of January 2023. attached Garage is between $16,216 and $39,077 or $50 per square feet. It is not uncommon to spend more than $16,216 on a house. Disconnected Garage prices range from $19,200 to $45,000 or $40-$70 per square foot.

Prefabrication costs

Pre-fabricated detached garages are an affordable alternative to building one from scratch. The average cost for a prefab detached garage is $15,000, but you can find options for less than $100, like the DuraMax Vinyl Garage Building Shed with Foundation Kit, and as much as $150,000 like some the beauties Barn Pros offers (these structures might also provide additional living space, in the form of a barndominium — hence the higher price).

Here are a few examples of options that are currently available:

Sheds Unlimited provides a large selection of prefab garages to choose from.

  • Standard workshop single car starts at $7.409. It comes with a raised panel garage doors, two windows and one door. You have the option of vinyl siding or wood siding.
  • A single-story, two-car garage with workshop starts at $206,618 The garage has two raised panel doors, two windows and a single prehung door. This model is available in vinyl or wood siding. It also comes with an attic for $28,925 or more.

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