Top 3 Home Hacks to Organize Your Life

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Now, I will share my top 3 organization tips. Click the link to view the video or continue reading.  Check out the entire playlist to see the other organization experts as we share our top 3 home hacks.


What makes a home organized?

There are many interpretations of the meaning of “have an”. “organized home,” You will see that they look very different if you take a look at the posts on Facebook and Instagram.  All of us want our homes to be peaceful, free from stress, and a sanctuary for our family and friends.

There are two things I believe make a home organized:

  • Every item has a home, and all the people using those items must know where that home is– basically, no one is running around looking for things they can’t find!
  • It must also make you smile (the person who uses it) smile!  It should make you smile!!

These are my top three hacks for creating an organized home.

Create an inbox


Every storage area must have an empty inbox or bin for new stuff.  Although you can spend many hours organizing your home, what happens when new things arrive?

It is possible that we do not have the time to immediately put away things. Our inbox provides a place to store these items until they can be put in their permanent homes.  You need to go through all your inboxes regularly– whether that means daily, weekly, monthly, or just when they start to get full, but you have to have a plan to deal with the new items coming in.

Do you have An outbox.

We will have things we need to get rid of or declutter just like our inbox.  This is easy to do!  I have found that I need an outside box on every floor of my home.  I will walk from one room to another to declutter something, but most people will not go up and down stairs to do this– LOL!  You are more likely to complete the task if you make it as simple as possible.

I have a large dresser…

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