These Upgrades Will Modernize Your Staged Bathroom

How can you make your home stand out from other buyers? While staging the main living areas of your home might be your main focus, don’t overlook the bathrooms. There are many ways to decorate your bathroom. A staged bathroom should be clean and organized to start, but there’s plenty of opportunity to go the extra mile. You can impress everyone who enters your home by incorporating the latest bathroom trends. These are our top picks for bathroom upgrades.

Light and bright

The bathroom is a personal area, so you’ll want to do all that you can to make it look pristine. You can add this effect with light-colored paints, cabinets and linens. They can also create a feeling of greater space and openness. Good lighting is essential. Double-check your bulbs. You’ll want buyers to be able to see everything and be impressed. Get rid of any personal items and ensure that your countertops look spotless.

Rounded Features

A bathroom with two round mirrors above the sink.

The best way to modernize your bathroom is to use curved lines. This could be in the design of your sink or cabinet. Opting for round mirrors over sharp corners is a great way to accomplish this. The process of changing out mirrors can be simple and transform the whole room. These soft edges will make your bathroom more interesting and inviting.


A bathroom cabinet with greenery on the countertop.

The best way to add an earthy, natural feel to your bathroom is with plants. It’s a nice way to bring the outdoors in. The plants can balance any neutral or clean tones in the room. This makes the space feel more balanced and complete. You will find greenery becoming increasingly popular for bathrooms. Check out what plants you may want to use.

Modern Shower Head

A modern bathroom.

A new shower head is one of the best ways to improve your bathroom. This is arguably a bathroom’s most exciting feature, and often how we wind down after a long day. You could show off a handheld component, or even swap out the entire head. It might be a great idea to show how modern designs can improve the bathroom. It’s sure to catch your potential buyers’ eyes.

New Tiles

A walk-in shower with patterned tiles.

What about tiles that are old? Don’t underestimate how much you can change a bathroom by switching them up. This is a key part of your bathroom that you’ll want to look fresh. You can also…

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