How to Stage a Master Bedroom

master bedroom staging

It’s all about the size. When a home is sold unoccupied, the master bedroom is one location that may deter purchasers if they believe it is too small to fit their present bed. Buyers can get a sense of how and what will fit into the space by looking at the furniture in the master bedroom. The empty spaces, or negative space, are just as significant as the furniture. A king-size bed will fit if the queen-size bed fits with room to spare!


Begin with a bed that will fit in the room. Remove canopy and sleigh beds from a tiny bedroom since they add significant bulk and visual weight. Replace with a simple frame and upholstered headboard, and the buyer will notice a significant difference in how the room is perceived. For staging purposes, it might even make sense to remove a king-sized bed and replace it with a queen-sized one.


Because the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, it’s critical to complete the appearance with the appropriate accessories. Nightstands and matching or coordinated lamps help to balance the bed’s sides. Nightstands don’t have to match, but they should have matching lamps. Build up the bed with larger pillows in the back and a neutral, horizontal piece of art if there isn’t a headboard.


In the eyes of the customer, the appropriate bedding may complete the area and create elegance. While nice bedding is desirable, it does not have to be expensive to appear so. Choose a simple quilt set in a neutral hue with complementing sheets that can be folded down. To complete the image of a primary bedroom that we all want to return home to, add contrasting throw cushions and a blanket. Avoid bedding with crowded designs, bright colors, or that is worn or old. A white quilt set is the foundation of a magnificent bed, especially in a room with a strong or dark wall color.


In the bedroom, scale is equally crucial. Larger nightstands necessitate larger lamps, and the reverse is true. Stick to one dresser and stow the chest of drawers if the dressers are particularly huge. To make the entire area feel larger, avoid large, overstuffed armchairs in a small corner and remove baskets, ottomans, and any personal things from the floor.


Lack of lighting is a major problem in master bedrooms. Every day, we meet homeowners who have been using the same builder-grade two-bulb flush mount fixture in their bedrooms for years and have never added any lamps or upgraded lighting. It gives the place a builder’s plain and unremarkable feel. You want something unique in the room! Bedside lamps aren’t simply for lighting; they can also be used to add flair to a room. Overhead lighting is necessary for functionality, but it may also provide warmth and increase the value of a space. From the buyer’s perspective, a modest chandelier or even a basic ceiling fan will upgrade the place.


In the bedroom, it is typical to have a lot of electronics and chargers. Remove them all to create the tranquil hideaway that buyers are looking for. The master bedroom is one place where you can keep some of your personal belongings. A couple’s particular snapshot, a wedding memory, or a family portrait should not be kept for staging. Another point to remember for any seller is to safeguard valuables and firearms, which are frequently kept in the master bedroom or closets.