StageCoacher: Organizing Bathroom Drawers

This project has been on the back burner for four months.  I bought these drawer organizers and they have been waiting for me to finish the project.  Spoiler alert– it took less than 30 minutes (major face-palm moment over here)!  You can see the video below to see how I organized my children’s bathroom drawers.

It’s important to first open everything up so you can see what’s in there.  This is a great time to declutter and let go of things you might have too much of…like, ahem, toothpaste.  Evidently, I have a toothpaste collection problem LOL!

After the drawers have been empty, I like moving the little bins around so that they are the right size.  Target’s gray ones are my favourites.  They cost only $2 per set and the entire project was $8.  The white ones that I used before are stronger, but they are from The Container Store.  These are, of course, more expensive.  These are also harder to obtain since I don’t live near one.

I prefer small dividers because they allow me to separate items into categories.  Here, I have used a lot of small dividers. In this step, I get rid of any items we don’t use or need.  Next, I will sort through what is left and put it in the dividers.

I only use toothpaste containers that fit my needs.  If it doesn’t fit, it must go.  We won’t be in the same toothpaste trap again, I hope.  I won’t buy any toothpaste for a long time!

Perhaps I will label the dividers but for now, I am just going to let it work as is.  To make sure the layout is working properly, I prefer to keep the dividers in place for at least a few weeks.  Once everything is in its place, I will apply some museum glue to the bottom of the dividers to prevent them from sliding around in the drawers.  This is a great way to keep everything in its place and prevent any damage.



It’s amazing that I waited so long for these to be in place.  Do you ever procrastinate on little tasks that are easy and then end up moving super fast?  Good luck with your next organization project.  It will likely go faster than you expect.

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