StageCoacher: Home Goods Organizing Tips

Home Goods sells some of the finest organizing products and home decor.  I could easily spend hours browsing the site.  You can see the video below to see my recent shopping trip, and how I used some of my haul in my own home.

Home Goods offers amazing home goods at great prices. Their stock is constantly changing.  There is always something new to see when I go there.  They have great Rae Dunn products, and I was able to find some wonderful trays for the bathrooms.  That look is just so beautiful. But then again, you’ll know how excited and excited I get when things are labeled.  They had adorable coffee mugs. I found similar ones online.

This Rae Dunn tissuebox is just right for what I need in my living room.  It is white and blends well with other decor.

Home Goods also offers larger furniture pieces. They have a large selection of shelves.  Since I created the Shelfie Handbook, which teaches you how to organize and style shelves, bookcases and shelving are always my favorite.

I returned home with two fabric bins.  I am using this one in my living room to store games.  My kids love to play games on our living room floor so I am keeping the games in this large fabric bin.

I purchased this fabric bin to use in my daughter’s room.  The fabric bin helps her keep her stuffed animal collection in one place.  The little rainbow is my favorite, but I also love the neutral color to keep things from getting too chaotic.

I found this adorable lantern to decorate my living room.  You can find so many home decor ideas, but I just loved this one!

If you have a limited budget (and that’s not a bad thing! ), then these bins are a good option.Acrylic bins can be very affordable.  They are extremely popular right now and make great refrigerator organization. You can see what is in them easily.  My acrylic egg tray is a favorite of mine, although I paid a lot more to get one that looks exactly like it.

I also found a basic turntable that was a fraction of the price you would find on Amazon.  You can likely find a turntable at your local Home Goods, although there’s no direct link.

My recent Home Goods haul is done!  I recommend that you stop by your store to check out what you can find.  I am extremely happy with the way my purchases are working in my house.

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