Six Tips for Attracting Buyers to Your Living Room

Home buyers want to know what your home can offer. By staging your living room well, you can demonstrate what buyers can do in this important gathering space. It should feel professional but also comfortable enough that they can live their day here. By following these six rules, you can be more intentional about the living space you’re creating.

Prioritize Layout

You can change the feel of a room by how furniture is placed. This determines how traffic flows and how everything fits into your design. It’s important to find a balance of making the room feel as spacious as possible, while keeping cozy conversation areas. We recommend keeping the furniture’s overall weight down to make the space feel larger. Surprised at how much just moving the couch and chairs can change the room?

Highlight Focal Points

A living room facing a cabinet as its main focal point. There is a grey couch, two chairs, and blue pillows. The coffee table and cabinet are a deep, rich wood.

You might have focal points in your living space. You could have a fireplace or an entertainment center as a focal point. Whether they’re clearly defined or not, you’ll want to make sure you’re drawing attention to certain areas of the room. This will give you a starting point for your design. Consider what you want your buyers to see first when they enter the room. Maybe you’ll have your furniture directed toward the window with a beautiful view. This is your chance for them to pay more attention.

Think Neutral, not Dull

A living room with the dining room seen in the background. The living room staging includes neutral furniture, and pillows with pops of color.

While you want your home to somewhat feel like a clean slate for buyers, you don’t want it to be at all boring. You can add personality and excitement to your home by using vibrant patterns, textures and pops of colour. You can add decorative elements to accent neutral tones if you don’t want to. This allows the room to appeal to many people without being boring.

Get rid of personalization

A living room with cream toned furniture and accent throw pillows. The coffee table is front and center with decor on top.

You should keep things neutral for buyers in your decor choices. While paying attention to detail is great, you want to make sure you’re doing it in the right way. You can replace personal items like family photos or a handmade quilt with more generic items. To make the space feel complete, you can use generic artwork, houseplants or decorative bowls with candles. You’ll want to make it as easy as possible for buyers to envision their own family’s life in this house.

Try the Rule of Three

A focus on three decor accessories. There is a blue vase, golden candle holder, and a clear vase with white flowers on top of a coffee table.

Accessorizing in groups…

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