Palm Springs Escape Recap: Simply Organized

What is the best way to recap my two-night Palm Springs getaway with my team of managers? If I start ANYWHERE, I HAVE to begin with Sarah, my manager…

This woman – not only the most dedicated and selfless mother / wife – she is one of the hardest working women I know. She puts so much thought, detail and care into her work. It’s unreal. She’s smart, sharp, the best negotiator and marketer. Warm, lovely, funny and witty – quick. Beautiful both inside and outside. Could write an entire post just about her.

Sarah, and the Trend team, has absolutely, positively impacted the brand partnership side of this business and taken hundreds, if not close to thousands, of hours off my plate so I can focus on what I am great at…which is NOT negotiating with brands or reading legal contracts or marketing myself.

You may be confused or wondering why I signed up with a management company about two years back. This is not for the professional organization side of the business. StageCoacheron is my entire wing. My manager and Trend focus on brand partnerships that come across my path.

Years and years ago, I was the only one who handled all of the details involved in negotiating these contracts. They are also massive in other ways than just the simple paperwork I must provide or deliverables. An example of a brand partnership would be the long nine-month contract I had with Lowe’s Home Improvement back in 2018/19. Every month I did a DIY project in partnership with Lowe’s that included the project PLUS the social deliverables, like blog posts, Instagram shares, etc. The amount of work required to get the contract signed is beyond description. The real work begins. The concept for approval is followed by the creation of the content, editing photos or videos, promotion, writing and making sure that everything is correctly tagged.

There’s SO much to manage.

There’s also the part that’s highly important to me – keeping the partnerships in line with who I am and what I stand for. What I can support. When I share a product or company, I’m putting my name on it and asking you to trust me. This is important! Can I be myself, you and also make the brand happy AND still stay true to me? It’s hard to balance.

Years ago, I was hoping to find a Social Media Agency to work with. But most of them charge a monthly management fee regardless of whether you are on a contract or not.

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