Organized Sewing and Crafting Room Tour

I have shown you many spaces I own, but today I am showing you one I don’t.  My mom has a large sewing room. She sews all day.  I went to her house and saw how she organized it. She kept it very functional while also storing tons of supplies.  The video tour is available here.

Every sewer knows there are a lot of things involved in sewing.  It can get overwhelming, or at least it can be, depending on how deep you dig!  My mom actually used her master room for her sewing area and office.  They only sleep in bedrooms, so it was a waste of space.

She owns multiple sewing machines, including a serger and an embroidery machine. Plus all the fabric, thread and other supplies.  She can spread out and have plenty of space to put a large cutting table/island in her room.  Due to the large space, she can manage multiple projects at once.

This is a perfect example of why your home should be your own.  You can use closets and spaces for other purposes than those you might have intended. “normal!” My mom gets so much more out of her home when she uses the master bedroom for sewing.  Use your creativity and do what you find most comfortable.

It is bright and cheery!  It makes you want more!  My mom also keeps things out of sight so that she can see what she’s working with.  Her method of folding her fabric, first around a ruler then in half, keeps them neat and tidy.  She is still able see everything.  It’s easy to forget what you have when you are sewing.  She doesn’t have to dig through piles of fabric to find what she has.

Although there are many bookcases, shelves and other storage options available, she makes efficient use of the space by using wall storage and racks.  She uses ikea hanging bars, thread racks, and pegboards.

My absolute favorite bins, The Container Store, are the ones she uses to store her patterns.  Multipurpose Bins are the WIN!  These bins are ideal for patterns. They can also be used to store threads or zippers.  The same-sized bins ensure that the shelves remain neat and uniform.

My mom has an office space in her bedroom where she keeps her printer, computer and filing cabinet.  Here she pays her bills and other stuff.  It is nice to have her computer/printer in the sewing room.

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