Mother’s Day Weekend Wrap-Up – Simply Organized

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope your weekend was special, memorable and that YOU were able to be in some of the photos with your children or grandchildren…or your mom! One of my only hard stop requests on Mother’s Day each year is a photo of me with the kids. A minimum of one. I want to capture a picture of us, no matter what time it is or how we look. When they were younger, it was sometimes at the end of a long day and before bed – everyone in pjs. Doesn’t matter. It shows where we were in that year.

Anyway, here’s our one photo from Mother’s Day 2023…and I’ll treasure it as I do every other year…

Shoes )| shoes )

More on our actual Mother’s Day later in this post. Look at these three. The size is too large!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’d love to share a weekend wrap-up from time to time…so this is one of those! The weekend was busy and full. A weekend that was full of emotions.


It’s an interesting coincidence that the projects are ramping up just as end-of-school activities ramp up. I’ll take it, but typically as we head into summer it slows a bit.

I was happy we were able to help one stressed out mom, before her Mother’s Day weekend, who is nearing the end of a long home renovation. We were supposed to be in their kitchen, however, the contractor took over that space to repair a punch-list…so we helped bring a bit of order to their beautiful home office…

It was part of the renovation. The office belongs to her husband. This little corner was carved just off the main living room. They incorporated this black-framed glass/door.

I was able to bring some order and peace in her family room and garage before the weekend. Just a bit of decluttering and space planning was completed…next up is setting a few organizers in place.

Kitchen coming soon – it’s modest and beautiful!


On Friday afternoon, my Mother’s Day weekend kicked off with a beautiful luncheon hosted by local real estate agent, Teresa Hooper. 30 women / mothers were treated to an amazing lunch and she pulled out all the stops – wine, a 3-course lunch, a heartfelt speech, gifts…it was nice to be included among these incredible mothers…

Teresa has become a friend over the years – she’s down to earth, calls it like it is yet is warm and…

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