Minimalism is dead! StageCoacher

Recently, on YouTube and Facebook I have been seeing a lot of people asking me if the minimalism trend has died or survived.  Here’s my opinion on this topic (and why it doesn’t matter whether it’s trending).Click here to see the video.

Minimalism is important

So here’s the thing– it really doesn’t matter if the trend of minimalism is going away or not.  It’s how it fits into your life that matters most.  You can be happy living a minimalist lifestyle, and if you feel that getting rid of at least 80% of your stuff has made you happier, then you should keep going!

Try not to get too caught up in labels because you don’t get a prize for having the least amount of possessions– you just want to live your best life and be as content as possible, so whatever amount of stuff makes you truly happy is what you should have!

Are you a Minimalist?

This is not a question with an answer.  There are many ways I can be more minimal.

  • I am very strict when it comes to decluttering.
  • I love large open spaces that are spacious and leave plenty of space for my eyes to rest.
  • I feel anxious if there is a lot of clutter.

However, there are many other ways that I am NOT minimalist.

  • I have never wanted to be satisfied with as little as possible.
  • I have many hobbies such as card-making, cake decorating, and other crafty stuff. And I have plenty of supplies to help me with them.
  • I have many clothes. I even did a video explaining why I don’t have a capsule wardrobe.
  • I chose specific areas where I don’t want to be minimalist, and that works great for me!

These are just my personal experiences with minimalism – everyone’s journey is unique! Marissa, my friend, has a post that might help you if you feel you may be a minimalist. “What is Minimalism? 10 Simple Principles for Beginner Minimalists” – she outlines the fundamentals of a minimalist lifestyle that goes far beyond merely getting rid of stuff, and dives deeper into the motivation behind minimalism.

Is Minimalism possible too far?

Minimalism is moving toward “intentionalism,” It is exactly what it was meant to be.  Many of the original minimalists have found that their lives are changing. This is what life does every day!Minimalism is great at certain stages of life, but less so in other.  Flexibility is allowed.  Minimalism is not a religion– you can always change your mind!

It is possible to take minimalism too far. Many people are realizing it.  Decluttering can…

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