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[00:00:00] You’re currently listening to Home Staging Show podcast. Cindy Lin is your host. This show is about real estate and home staging. We also discuss how to start a thriving home staging company. This is episode 71. This is Episode 71. Here is the message from Our StagerCon 2022 Sponsor before we begin the show.

[00:00:26] It takes powerful statistics to convince potential clients that home staging is a good idea. Stageflow eliminates the need to do calculations or filter spreadsheets. You enter what you know about every sale of the homes that you’ve staged, and let’s stage flow do the rest. Easy. Real-time statistics on the home staging market

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[00:01:30] I am so happy to have you as my guest! The registration process for the Florence retreat is very straightforward. We’re only meeting at the house to take master classes and workshops. Plus, we have a welcome dinner and farewell dinner. It’s a shame, but there is also a pasta making class and all the lunches at home.

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[00:02:08] I’m so excited. Except for the day when you had your day off, all meals. You have the option to go on a day trip around Tuscany, or just relax at the villa. This includes all programming that you can enjoy in Florence, including masterclasses and workshops that are specifically tailored for your home staging business.

[00:02:26] We do ask you…

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