Making Up a Bed for Staging

a staged bed in cream tones

How to Stage a Bed

There’s nothing like sinking into a well-made bed, but there’s also joy in seeing one well-made, which is why bed presentation is such an important component of home staging.

The appeal of a gorgeous freshly made bed is half the reason why good motel and hotel rooms are so tempting.

A well-presented bedroom, with the bed as the focal point, is essential when selling a home. It’s all about achieving a look that potential purchasers can picture themselves in, or that they wish to live in.

This is why, rather than a particular look, staging a property for sale means establishing a neutral look. It’s all too simple for buyers to imagine a space as their own instead of seeing it as yours.

If you don’t already have any, investing in new bedding for the master bedroom and possibly other rooms is something you can do while getting ready to sell. You’ll be able to take it with you to your new house, in addition to sprucing up your space.

You may have admired lovely photographs of magnificent mattresses in the past but never quite managed to get the look.

Choosing a Bedroom Color Scheme

The bedding you select has the ability to set or change the mood of the space.

Gender-neutral patterns and tones, soft and satiny pastels, crisp and cottony whites, brilliant stand-out assertive color, or sophisticated gender-neutral patterns and tones are all options.

Different impressions will be created depending on how you decorate your bed: luxurious, modern, feminine, macho, simple, and so on.

To begin, the simple addition or removal of the headboard might take you in a couple of distinct paths.

How To Sell A House By Staging a Bed

There isn’t just one way to stage a bed properly.

1. A staged bed with a headboard

Some people believe that a headboard is a must-have, but keep in mind that it does produce a distinct style.

It’s a look that most people like, but it’s not something that every bed should have.

If you want to achieve this style, take a peek at this website for ideas.

2. No headboard

If you’ve ever wondered why some beds have a pared-down youthful look with a Zen feel to them but couldn’t figure out why, it could be because they don’t have a headboard.

Polyester Linens vs. Cotton and Linen Linens

If you want to sleep in luxury, go with cotton or linen; the greater the thread count, the better – and remember, this is one of the items you may take with you to your new home.

Natural threads provide a high-end appearance and feel, and will give the room a luxurious vibe.

If you’re on a budget, though, the synthetic choices and blends that are easily accessible can provide an acceptable look with care.

However, avoid cheap-looking designs because they will stand out and give the area a shabby appearance.

Making a Bed in Order to Sell a Home

The luxury headboard aesthetic, or the classic Zen style done correctly, is a secure bet depending on the rest of your decor.

Which style will work best for you depends on the home you’re selling.

A Zen style would be appropriate in an urban warehouse flat, whereas a substantial middle-class home could call for greater luxury.

What about pillows, for example?

The pillows are an important aspect of the layering and texture-adding process.

Layering multiple colors of white – from pure white to cream and pearl, or subtle color-tinged whites – and/or employing varied textures – linen, fluffy, embossed, satin, matte, satin-matte striping – adds to the attraction of an all-white bed.

The bed can be a single shade of white, but it will look more elegant if it is made up of several textures.

Pillows can also be utilized to add color and modify the mood based on the hue you choose, such as red or duck egg blue.

Matchy-matchy is not a good idea.

It used to be that a well-dressed bed – or house – was one in which everything was in its place.

The sophisticated aesthetic now is to mix and combine pattern, texture, and color deftly.

Those who excel at it turn it into an art form.

Bed Skirt Don’ts

If you’re going to utilize a bed skirt, avoid frills and pleats as much as possible.

Bed skirts are inexpensive and may be found almost anywhere that sells linens.

Also, don’t use color to draw attention to a bed skirt; it’s meant to keep the eye from seeing what’s beneath the bed!

StageCoacher Tips:

  • Hide any visible electrical cables when presenting your bedrooms for images and viewings.
  • Get rid of your headboard if it isn’t fulfilling its duty.
  • If you can’t do that, buy some European pillow stuffers (available at any linen shop) and set them against the wall, then place your other pillows in front of them (two on each side like a hotel).
  • If your pillows have become a little flat over time, stuff two into one pillowcase to give them a more luxurious appearance – it works!