I Never Organized One Space!

Many people ask me about the areas I do not organize. For example, if there is a secret or dirty area. “Monica closet,” LOL!  And the answer is…YES!  You might be surprised to learn that it is my freezer.  It was about ten or so years ago that I completely gave up.  Keep reading or click here to watch the video!  Sneak peek– I do still keep my freezer under control with a super useful inventory sheet that’s part of our Kitchen Printable Pack here!

Fair enough, when I gave up on the idea I had an apartment with a tiny fridge and freezer.  I had to stuff things in, and then hope that they wouldn’t fall on my toe the next time I opened the fridge door.

However, now that I have a bigger fridge freezer plus a deep freezer and a basement freezer…yeah, it’s still not any easier.  Here’s why I find it difficult to stay organized:

1.  I don’t always get the same things.

Our tastes and needs are constantly changing.  Sometimes I test out a product that caught my eye.  I often stock up when I see a great deal, so that I have a lot more of whichever item I’m buying.  Every year, we buy 1/4 of a calf.  My husband and I eat differently than our two children, so I buy different brands.  A frozen pizza of one brand may not be in the same box size as another.  LOL! It’s a mess, LOL.

What I store in my freezer changes constantly.  The same dishes are used in the kitchen so it is easy to reserve space for cabinets that will never be needed.  The freezer is a difficult place to store things because the needs change almost every day.

2.  I have more than one freezer.

It’s definitely harder now than it was when I only had a tiny little fridge.  Now I need to know where everything is and I sometimes move food from one freezer into another.

Also, deep-freezers are DEEP.  You can’t avoid stacking and piling stuff on top of one another.  Bins don’t fit into freezers very easily.  There is no consistency in the size of freezers.  If you use bins you will have empty spaces, where the bins do not reach the sides etc. This is wasted space.  Bins are not for me because I can’t afford the space that bins take up in my freezer.

What is the solution??

Although I’ve given up organizing the actual contents of the freezer, I haven’t given up completely.  My solution…