How to stage with warm colors this Fall

It’s only a few more days until autumn, and that means it’s almost here. Crisp air and warm feelings are in the pipeline. Though Floridians will only experience a slight change in the hot weather, there’s a lot to be excited about with the new season. You may also be influenced by how you stage your home. Maybe you’re wondering how you can add a seasonal flair to your decor. Warmer colors are a fall classic, so it’s a good idea to include them in your home. Continue reading to learn how to stage your home in warm colors this fall.

Pick Your Palette

You should decide on a color scheme for your entire home. It’s important to be intentional, rather than randomly adding in an assortment of fall colors. Consider existing palettes and select from a range of warmer colors. These could include reds and burnt oranges as well as mustard yellows and browns. You can use a color wheel to help you choose colors. Avoid adding anything that could clash.

Rich neutrals are a good option

A dining room with warm neutral paint colors.

When staging, it’s typically a good idea to stick to mostly neutral tones. But, rich neutral colors can be used to add warmth. This can be a wonderful foundation for your home and will instantly make it feel more welcoming. Consider how you can mix these colors. For example, a deep beige or cream wall color might work. The warmer hues can be easily added to.

Think about the Furniture

A living room with two warm accent chairs.

Next, take a look around at your furniture. It may be worth switching to a more appropriate color option. What colors are you using for your fabrics? Are you using warm tones of wood? It is worth paying more attention to the details. Perhaps you can add seasonal colors to your home with a few colorful chairs. You have many options to add warmth.

Accent Decor

A front porch with a swing seat and accent decor.

Fall is synonymous with comfort, as we have already mentioned. Additions of decorative elements can be a great way for adding color and creating cozy places. Think about the areas in your home where you’d gather on a cool autumn evening. Accent curtains, throw pillows, and blankets are all options. This is an excellent way to improve any existing staging while embracing a warmer colour scheme.

Seasonal touches can be added

A tablescape with fall decor.

Don’t be afraid to play up this time of year with some simple seasonal elements. This is a great way to incorporate warm colors. This could include a wreath for your door, fall candles, or something patterned.

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