How to prepare your home for sale in half the time and for top price

To various people, getting your house ready to sell entails different things. And, because each home is unique, the amount of effort and expense required may vary greatly.

But one thing is constant: with the RIGHT preparation, the resale value of any home can be boosted.

Why would someone want to put time and money into a house they’re going to sell?

The response is straightforward and accurate. A house that is well-maintained, renovated, and staged will attract more qualified buyers, create more offers, and, in the end, fetch a higher sale price!

Some people prioritize selling quickly over selling at a greater price, so why not aim for both?

How do you prepare your home for sale?

For the past 15 years, I’ve been staging homes.

Someone recently told me she has an old house that needs to be updated. I haven’t seen the house, but the lady stated that the walls were plaster and that there were multiple fissures. She inquired about my recommendations.

I’m not a renovations expert, but my husband is one, and I’ve seen him plaster ancient walls several times. I talked to him and told the lady that if she wanted to complete the job well, the cracks needed to be taped, replastered by a professional, and repainted.

She said that she was seeking for a “5-minute fix” and that she wasn’t interested in doing any kind of labor.

I’m not aware of any quick fixes for getting your house ready to sell (even putting on my makeup takes me a bit longer than that).

However, I am confident that by focusing on the correct priorities at the right budget, you can get a result that will enable you to gladly go on to your next ambition!

The point I’m making is that each property is unique, as are the circumstances of each homeowner.

Yes, you may spend hours looking for ideas and inspiration on how to get your house ready to sell on Pinterest. Some of them will be relevant to you, while others will not.

Aside from the basics of decluttering and cleaning, there are several more factors that must be considered in order to get the best return on YOUR investment.

Alternatively, you can seek professional advice from a Home Stager in person or online (that would be me!). From a brief and easy online course to 1:1 online consultations, I provide a variety of adaptable services/products.

The Roadmap to Home Preparation

You should do the following to get your home truly ready to sell:

Make an honest evaluation of your existing condition.
Investigate the competitors and compile a list of comparables.
Create a budget that is both reasonable for you and will provide the best return on investment (Return on Investment)
Carry out the Action Plan as outlined above.
Make a list of it.
Keep it up.

For you, I produced a helpful Home Staging Process Guide. I hope you find it useful. Please leave a remark!