How to Maximize Small Kitchen Space

Although small kitchen staging can present unique challenges, there are many ways you can style it to impress potential buyers. The key is to highlight your kitchen’s best features and be mindful of your surroundings. Your kitchen will become a focal point of your home and be a place you love. It’s all about making the most out of a tight space. These are our top tips and tricks to maximize a small kitchen with staging.

Countertops should be clutter-free

It goes without saying that buyers should see a clean kitchen before they enter your home. On top of being clean, you’ll want to ensure there’s no clutter on the countertops. Decor is great, but you should choose carefully and place it in the right places. This is particularly important for small kitchens with limited counter space. It is important to leave some blank space in order to keep the kitchen looking new.

Keep Appliances and Cabinets Lightened

While it can be fun to add a few pops of color when staging, it is not necessary. However, for the most part, you’ll want to keep things light and neutral. Too many colors or a palette that’s very dark can be overwhelming to the eye. This is particularly true in small spaces. When choosing a color to paint the cabinets in a small kitchen, it’s great to pick something light and bright. For a consistent look, keep the appliances and cabinets the same color.

Keep the Walkway Clear

It is not a good idea for customers to feel trapped while trying to navigate the kitchen. It’s crucial to leave a clear traffic flow that allows everyone to move through easily. Avoid creating awkward corners with unnecessary furniture or seating. Efficiency is crucial in this instance. A runner rug can be used to highlight your walkway and make it stand out.

Take care when you are choosing your seating

A small seating area for two in a kitchen.

Although you should aim to have seating in the kitchen, don’t make it feel smaller. It’s better to stick with seating for two instead of forcing a table or chairs into a cramped space. You should focus on comfort, and create a comfortable space that buyers will love. Keep it slim and simple, but don’t forget to add table settings to make the area feel complete.

A Vertical Focus is a great option

A vertical focal point with decorative pieces is one of the best ways you can maximize small spaces. Consider adding pieces that draw the eye upwards as potential buyers pass through your space.

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