HOP To It! StageCoacher

I used to keep a daily list of things I wanted done during the day. Although I thought it was a list of things to do, it became a wishlist of all the things I could accomplish if everything went according plan. Nothing took more than I expected, there was no interruptions, and my performance was at its peak. 

Can you guess how many times that I have completed this list? Guess what? It was probably five times.

I would go to bed feeling like such a failure because I couldn’t get all those things done that were important to me.

It is a blessing to have so many things on your list. This means that there are many things to do. So many things You are passionate about what you want to do (otherwise, life would be boring). But you do have to be realistic about what you can get done, or you’ll simply be setting yourself up to feel guilty. 

I will show you how to get rid of stress and anxiety about the things that you need to live a happy life.  You can also watch it here.  

The 2022 StageCoacher Planner, which uses the HOP to It system, can be viewed here. It will help you get more from your day with less stress.  I

Bucket 1 – Main Priorities 

When planning your day, I encourage you to divide up the day’s tasks into three buckets. The first bucket should be for your top priorities. I use the phrase “HOP to it!” To give some structure and meaning to the bucket.

H stands for habit. I could go on about how important habits are.Habits are the best way to make more time in your day. You can save more mental energy by putting certain tasks on autopilot.

It is best to focus on one habit at a time for at least a month, if not more. It doesn’t matter what, you should do this habit every. single. day. It doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. You just need to make your life easier when your brain switches off. Perhaps your habit is to wash the dishes right after dinner or make your bed every morning. No matter what your habit may be, I encourage it to stick with it for at least one month. You will be surprised at the results.

O stands for objective. What would be the three most important things you wanted to accomplish tonight? This question will give you an indication of your primary objectives for the…

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