Food Storage/Pantry Canister Haul StageCoacher

Pantry canisters are a popular organizing product that I think is most commonly purchased. 

First of all, it’s easy to decide what to put in them, so they’re a great place to start when organizing to get a quick win. Despite this, it is easy to get stuck and lose your momentum. Sooooo There are many options. So many, y’all. Oxo, Tupperware, Ello, Rubbermaid Brilliance, The Home Edit Line, Better Homes & Gardens, Brightroom, and weird knock off brands you’ve never heard of. 

Oxo vs Tupperware was my full review back in the day. You can click here to view that review. But today, I want to share some thoughts on other food storage containers. Although this review isn’t exhaustive, it is a good start. You might be able to make a better decision by looking at other brands and styles. You can see four different brands of pantry storage containers, at all prices, in the video below. compare: 

Pantry Set 6 – Price: $50 – 

Pros: I absolutely love how these containers are designed for specific uses – especially the leveler in the flour container. Combining the snap closure with the silicon ring gives them a very nice seal. The acrylic looks great. They’ve held up excellently to wear and tear.

Cons: These containers are not modular, so you won’t have the ability to stack them neatly one on top of another. These containers have a strange, slightly curved shape that doesn’t fit well into any cabinet.

Pantry Set 5 – Price: More than $70

The Pros: These containers are elegant! I wasn’t 100% sold from the pictures online, but these containers grew on me as I used them more. If you’re not a fan of the acrylic look, these are an excellent option. I’m not sure if it’s a pro or a con that these are Somewhat modular. It was strange. It was odd. There were a few containers that looked very neatly stacked together. But then, there was one that looked like it. “odd one out” that didn’t fit nicely anywhere. 

Cons: The lid may not be very secure. It is held by the silicon band that runs around the lid’s edge. It will begin to slip off if flour or other fine powders are placed on the silicon band. 

Price: Approx. Pantry Set 5: $50

Pros: This is so cute! I love the pops of color – it’s something you don’t get very often in pantry storage. These containers are modular and can be stacked in three different ways.

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