Five Home Improvements that are Faster and Cheaper

It is more than just making your house look good. A solid foundation is key to making your home appealing to potential buyers. Before you bring in any new furniture or decorative items, check to see if there are any necessary repairs. These five areas are key to a quick sale when you make home improvements.


Selling your home will be difficult if your roof is old or damaged. Before a home sale is finalized, a home inspection will reveal any issues. Plus, home insurance companies won’t cover a roof that hasn’t been replaced in an appropriate amount of time. If a roof is too old, it could make or break a buyer’s decision to close on your home.

A strong and well-maintained roof is vital for safety. However, your roof also plays a significant role in your home’s curb appeal. For a better appearance, you might just need to have a few more shingles replaced.


The front porch of a home. There are two seats and a small table.

Windows are another important feature of your home that you should inspect. Even if your windows are cleaned regularly, there may be reasons to have them replaced or updated. Scratches, broken frames, or air leaks are all issues you’ll want to avoid.

It’s possible to improve the appearance of your windows through a glaze or updated frames and shutters. For better energy efficiency, you might also need weatherstrip or caulk. A great finishing touch to a room is adding new curtains or blinds. Fixing windows is an investment that typically benefits sellers in the end, so it’s always worth looking into.

Cabinets and drawers

A view of a kitchen.

You might not realize how important kitchen cabinets and drawers can be to buyers. Although paint color is a major consideration, there are many simple ways to enhance the appearance of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Consider changing knobs and handles.

It’s important to make sure all cabinets and drawers are functioning well, too. A drawer or cabinet door that is noisy or stuck might not be a problem, but they should be repaired before you open your home to the public.


A dining room.

A room’s lighting can make or break it. Before you welcome buyers to your home, ensure that all lights are on and working properly. Also make sure that the lighting is appropriate for each room. Is it necessary for the lighting to be either warmer or cooler? These questions will be helpful when taking photos of your staged home. Also, think about the fixtures that you may want to…

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