Domino Magazine Featured: Simply Organized

Interviewing an expert in an organization is an honour. It doesn’t matter where you get your information. And this particular article is one I think you’ll enjoy because it’s all about garage organization. As you know – my absolute favorite space to transform in a home is the garage.

Lydia, the author of this Domino Magazine Article, was such a pleasure to talk to! We spent an hour talking about garage organization a couple of weeks ago. She turned our conversation into an amazing article.

She pulled a few images from the Instagram feed – some which I had not seen in a while. It made my heart happy. My favorite garage tool wall.

In the article, among other topics, I also answered her question – what are my top five essential garage products? I’ve broken them down for you. Her breakdown was short, of course, since it’s a magazine article. Here on my blog, I can go into more detail.

You’ve heard me say = IT DEPENDS. It depends on what those essential products are – it’s based on the situation we are working with, available space, volume, etc. This list is a general one. Do you agree that these five items are essential?


Bins that are clear make it easier to see what’s inside. Sometimes, they don’t even need labels. Also, I love that clear bins look cohesive. So if you have a bunch of random bins that aren’t the same brand, size or colored lid…they will look somewhat coordinated because they are clear. It can be a mess if you have many different colored bins hidden in your closet.

My goal in designing a garage was to give it a sense of aesthetics. The garage is where most families enter and leave their home. When you arrive at your garage, seeing a well-organized space can be uplifting.


If you ask me, free-standing shelves are a little bit crappy. It’s a pain in the a$$ to adjust the shelves, which means you will be less likely to take the time to adjust them. All the shelves need to be adjusted and then the contents must be put back.

Who has the time?

It is also not easy to adjust many of these stand-alone options. Even my team and I pull out our hair when adjusting.

The idea is to make organization easy for you – not a pain.

I love wall-mounted shelving because it is so easy to adjust and customize the space / wall to suit your needs. Elfa is a great example of a wall-mounted shelving system. It’s in sections so you can…

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