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Do I sell my house or rent it out? Important Factors to Consider

It can be difficult to make a decision about a new job, moving, or if you are looking to buy your dream home. Should I sell or rent out my house? You could make a new source income by renting your tenant. Selling your house allows you to put your equity towards buying your next property. Two investors have shared their experiences to help you understand the pros and cons in selling your home vs renting it.

Get an estimate of your home’s value

When deciding whether you want to sell or rent out your home, one factor is the potential sale price. Our Home Value Estimator uses your property information and local housing market data to  deliver an accurate home value.

A story of two owners

The decision to sell or rent out your house depends on your rental income, your expenses, how much work you are willing to do, your goals, and whether you can make a profit if it sells.

And it’s certainly a difficult decision, even for experts. These are two examples of renting versus selling didn’t Everything goes according to plan

Avoid renting regrets Bad renters turn investment sour

Greg Kurzner is a prominent Atlanta real estate investor. He bought and renovated a Stone Mountain home, Georgia, several years ago. Although several agents approached him to see if he was interested, he decided to rent the house out.

After struggling to find tenants with good credit and rental history, he changed his criteria and found a tenant. After three months everything was going well, then things started to go wrong: late rent, excuses and finally an extended eviction.

Kurzner found all the hard work and brand-new fixtures were gone when he regained ownership of the house.

“I let my hope override my common sense and made a costly decision to rent a home to an unqualified tenant rather than have a vacant house and no rent,” He said. Kurzner sold the property after spending $12,000 more to repair what his tenant had done to it.

Seller’s remorse: Missed $185k Opportunity

TJ Sayers, an Alabama real estate investor, buys approximately 50-60 properties annually. Many of them turn into rentals. Even today, he regrets having to sell one particular property.

He bought the…

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