Deck the Hauls – StageCoacher

Sometimes all you need is a Target shopping spree. You can see the video below for what I purchased on my recent Target shopping trip. 

These expandable drawer separators are perfect for organizing your dresser drawers! They fit in all sizes of drawers, which I love. I recommend using them in your socks & underwear drawer to give everything a place. 

This is a fold up organizer for jewelry! This organizer has many pockets and places to store different types of jewelry, including earrings, rings and pockets for necklaces and bracelets. 

A Lazy Susan can be used for so many purposes (in fact, this post actually shares many uses of a Lazy Susan!) I’m using mine to keep my coffee cups organized in my corner cabinet.

I’d been wanting to get some reusable baking cups for quite a while, and honestly just stumbled upon them at Target and was glad I did! I’m happy for the less waste and for never running out!

These were genius! You can put your crackers, veggies, or fruits in the bottom. Your dip will be in the container at the top. The smaller size I bought was fine, but they also sell taller jars that are perfect for putting salad in (with dressing in top). 

The last thing I picked up at Target was a set of the Brightroom pantry storage containers – I did a full review of them that you can check out here if you want to see how they measure up to some other brands! 

Have a Target product that you love but I didn’t know about? Comment below!

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