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If you’ve been looking for a good reason to keep your decorations up until today – or later – it’s ok! Did you know that Christmas officially ends today? On January 6…not December 26?

Believe it or not, Christmas Day is actually the beginning of the 12 days. The official end of Christmas celebrations is marked by Christian tradition as January 6, when the three kings arrived at Bethlehem. Probably way more info than you need to know (or thought I would share on an organizing blog), but some people believe it’s bad luck to take your tree down before January 6. If you’re interested in knowing why, you can read more about it in this article on Better Homes & Gardens.

I dismantled our Christmas decorations and trees this past weekend…certainly not because I wanted to. Due to my January work schedule, it was necessary. But as I was putting it away, I realized how long I’ve owned our bins and storage pieces. It has been a LONG time. It’s like a long time.

Here’s a post from 2018 where I shared everything on the garage shelves…

Ornament bins with purple latch | ornament bins with purple latch | fabric ornament bin | fabric wreath storage | clear bins )

You can find some of my bins in posts from 2016 or earlier. Still own about 90% of what you see on the shelves above…the long tree containers on the floor are gone. Everything else is still available, and it was surprising to see that they were still available for purchase.

Still love my gift wrap organizer too!…

( gift wrap organizer )

Instead of keeping it in my small drawer for all year, I now pack all Christmas-themed wrapping. It wouldn’t fit here and would waste space for 11.5 months…

Because most of my content is freely available, I wanted it to be shared with you. Link to similar solutions or other ideas that work. You will have storage items that last a lifetime. You don’t need to invest in holiday organization twice. So I’ve linked many of my items throughout this post and created a guide for items you can shop either from Amazon or The Container Store.


You can find the entire list, as well as other links in my Amazon Storefront right there.

This week we dismantled Christmas for one of our favorite couples…she saw this Amazon list I shared on IG and immediately ordered three of the bins in the upper left corner (this one). She had three trees in her living room – we organized each tree per bag and there was a spot for everything. Her…

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