Can Home Staging Help Seniors Sell Their Home?

Are you a senior who is contemplating moving from a house you’ve lived in for quite a while?  If so, then you may find help getting your home ready for market from a home staging company.

Of course, you can always follow our pages and stage your rooms yourself.  If, because of family obligations or general health, staging is not physically possible, then professional help may be the key to getting your home sold quickly.

Seniors might use home staging to assist them move on to their next adventure. How? Many of home sellers are elderly or older sellers who are transitioning to the next chapter of their lives for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Retiring and relocating to the home or location of their dreams.
  • Downsizing by empty nesters to smaller, more inexpensive dwellings.
  • Getting closer to family members.
  • Choosing to live in an assisted living facility.

Many of the purchasers looking at senior homes are younger families looking to purchase their first or second home.

The tastes and lifestyles of these consumers and sellers are vastly different.

A home stager can assist senior home sellers in a variety of ways to help them sell their home quicker and for more money while also addressing some of their special concerns as they transition to a new lifestyle.

  • A home stager can assist elders in presenting their for-sale house in such a way that younger purchasers can envision themselves living there. To get a more modern look, paint colors, finishes, lighting, furnishings, and accessories may be updated.
  • A home stager can provide an impartial perspective on what younger buyers may see while seeing the for sale home, which can be challenging for sellers who have lived in the same house for decades.
  • A home stager can help homeowners discover and organize excellent contractors to complete any necessary repairs or renovations.

Seniors might benefit from the services of a home stager when it comes to decluttering and downsizing. It’s more important to sell the house and the space than it is to sell ourselves. Older sellers, particularly those downsizing, have a difficult time parting with some of their possessions. An experienced stager can assist you in deciding what to preserve and what will fit in the new area, as well as setting up and decorating your new house.

A home stager can assist seniors who have long-term emotional relationships to a home in mentally preparing for the sale.  Often, this is the most difficult part of the moving process and having help in this regard is priceless.

A home stager can work with your realtor and photographer as part of your house selling team, as well as your support network, to ensure you obtain the most money for your property and can move on fast and stress-free.