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Sometimes, when enough is enough enough, enough IS enough. Finally, you can pause and resolve the problem once and for all. It was my tech situation in this instance. So I started to think of ways to fix it and then I actually did it. I now have an organized charging center for all tech.


Although there are many reasons why this charging station was created, the most important points that I can recall were:

  1. I wanted it out of my bedroom – especially at night
  2. When I needed to use something, it wasn’t charged
  3. I was driving myself crazy from the cords
  4. I’d love to teach my children by example that tech doesn’t need to live in their bedrooms at night

Deciding to organize it in my office, which is downstairs (my bedroom is upstairs), I carved out this little spot on one of the shelves…

Then, I spent time planning what I would use in order to stage everything AND hide the cords.

With the dining room / work space coming together, I’ve been able to relocate some items from this shelf to this cabinet…

I was left with plenty of room to imagine something beautiful that would hold everything. Earlier this week I discovered this acrylic stand…

Amazon has a similar cheaper option)| similar less expensive stand from Amazon )

This is for your computer monitor to rest on. They have a version that doesn’t have the drawers, but the drawers are why I was drawn to it. Am sure I’m not the only one who has small tech items that can be contained in these drawers.

Apart from the compartmentalized drawers, I love its simplicity. I didn’t want something over the top and it blends in nicely…

Fits the footprint of everything I need for charging.


Good question!

My phone, ipad, pencil, phone and apple watch. I also have my iphone, ipad, and pencil.

I placed the charging extenders and tech cleaning cloths in the drawers.


Using a multi-port charging hub, I plugged in the cords necessary for all of these devices…

…and concealed them in the magazine holder on the far right…

To keep the cords from falling behind the shelf when not in use, I adhered a few of these…

These cable drops blend in with the shelf and let you pull the cord in/out when necessary.

OH! I also used my favorite 3-in-1 device charger on top of the stand…

Mirror )| area rug | mirror )

It’s a great travel charger because…

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