Amazon StageCoacher Deck the Hauls

A few items I ordered on Amazon, some inspired from IG and TikTok.  Watch the video, or read on to see what I ordered and my first impressions!

Car Paper Organizer

This little organizer is for all your car papers.  The organizer includes pockets for your insurance card and registration papers, as well as extra pockets to hold any papers.  It is thicker and more sturdy than I expected, but it is still sparkly.  It will protect your documents better and make it easier to locate them quickly than if they were left in the glove box.

Bookshelf Games from the Vintage Era

These vintage bookshelf games are something I have been enjoying lately.  These classic games have been remade to fit into the same containers as a book.  Although they cost more than the standard version, they are so much cheaper!  They look almost like decor.  I love the way they are placed on the shelves so uniformly.  This might be the right product for you if you are tired of the random-sized game boxes that don’t stack neatly and are too small.

Dryer Vent Cleaner

This is not a torture device.  This little tool is designed to clean the dryer vent of lint.  This ends up over your vacuum cleaner tube. I used my battery stick vacuum to do this. Then you insert the other end into your dryer’s lint trap.  The wire at the end can be used to poke it around in order to collect any lint from your dryer vent/duct.  To be honest, I can’t really tell if I got much…but lint buildup can be a dangerous fire hazard, so I plan to do this every three months or so just to try to prevent clogs that I can’t really see.

Steam Cleaner

These are something I have always wanted to know more about.  There are many models and brands, but I chose the Bissell steam shot Deluxe.  Some people use small steam cleaners to clean their carpets, tiles, and upholstery.  It is important to spot-test any inconspicuous spots, especially if you are using upholstery, carpet, or fabric.   This one can be used on clothes and comes with tons of attachments. However, I will probably use it for cleaning and keep my clothes steamer separate.

It can go dry if it runs low on water.

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