7 Ways to Make Money from Unused Space at Your Home

A spare room or extra garage could be your best investment. Your home and your outdoor space are likely to be expensive.

Why not turn that space into an income stream? There are many options available, including a whole space, extra storage space or even a driveway that isn’t being used. 

We have compiled seven methods that can help you make money from unused items. Space Home:

Airbnb allows you to rent a bedroom.

Airbnb allows you to rent your entire house, spare room or home online. Rent for a day, a week or more. You can rent an extra bedroom if you don’t have anyone else using it.

You might consider listing it on Airbnb to offer short-term accommodation for tourists in your area. You can control the space’s availability and who is allowed to rent it.

It’s important to note that before listing something on Airbnb (or any other rental site). Be sure to read through their terms and conditions so that you know what’s expected of both the renter and homeowner during the process.

You can rent out your spare parking spot

If you live in a densely populated city and have a driveway or a garage that’s not being used. Renting it out could increase your income. Depending on where you live, parking can cost anywhere from $30-£50 a day.

Prices for big cities such as New York City and San Francisco can reach up to $430 per month. For example, parking in Chicago costs around $190 – $425 a month. It can be difficult to find parking in Chicago. Affordable monthly parking in ChicagoIf you live in the area,

This can be a great way to make money with unused space in your home. This service is offered by many companies, so make sure you do your research before you start making money!

Store other people’s stuff in your basement

earn money from unused space basement

It might seem strange to think of renting your basement. You might not, but it’s a clever use of unused space to earn some extra money. If you’ve got a basement or spare room that’s currently empty. It could be rented out for storage.

You pay per square foot Different people have different storage needs. Some are looking for a place to keep all of their things while they’re moving. Others need somewhere safe and controlled where they can store their items for the long-term (or even store them until someone else decides what they want).

No matter what the case may be

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