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6 Bathroom Upgrade Ideas to Improve a Home Value


The bathroom has the greatest return on investment when it comes to home improvements to increase resale value.

Investing in a bathroom renovation will appeal to potential buyers while also making your home more comfortable and welcoming to you.


Bathroom renovations can be costly and disruptive, so knowing where to direct your resources is critical.


Here are six bathroom improvement ideas that will increase the value of your home.


Shower Improvements

Shower upgrades are yet another useful bathroom remodeling project that will increase the resale value of your home. Consider replacing old shower-tub combinations. Remove them and consider replacing them with a glamorous walk-in shower.


This upgrade can be approached in a variety of ways. A frameless stall will add a sense of luxury and space. If you have the space, consider installing a doorless shower to reduce cleaning requirements. This project requires both design and functionality.


Steam showers are yet another popular bathroom remodeling option. These showers are glamorous, soothing, and environmentally friendly. Showers typically use two gallons of water each minute.


In 30 minutes, a steam shower uses about two gallons of water. Steam shower installations are expensive and specialized, but they add enormous value and have a high return on investment.


Shower upgrades also allow you to make your residence more accessible. Installing a roll-in shower or attaching a bench will make your bathroom more appealing to people who have mobility issues.


One caveat to this upgrade: if you reside in an area that attracts young families, having a nice bathtub in your home is essential. Baths are usually given to young children until they reach school age.


In-Floor Radiant Heating

When it comes to home improvements, heated floors are a popular choice, particularly in bathrooms. This home improvement creates a wow factor that prospective buyers will remember.


While ceramic tile is the favored flooring for modern homes, the cold surface can be uncomfortable in the winter. Adding radiant in-floor heating solves this problem while also making the bathroom more appealing.


In-floor heating is no longer as expensive as it once was. Modern mat systems range in price from $10 to $15 per square foot. Because the typical bathroom size is somewhere around 40 square feet, many homeowners can complete this project for less than $1000.


Heat is distributed evenly with in-floor heating. This heating method is thought to be more energy-efficient than others. As heat rises, it makes sense to begin at the lowest possible point.


According to experts, basic heated floors can reduce yearly heating costs by 15%. While the bath is a small part of the house, this installation may pay for itself in the long run.


According to realtors, this heating option is one of the most popular upgrades among buyers.


Soaker Bathtubs



While jacuzzis are once again in vogue, soaker baths are here to stay. This bathroom upgrade is ideal for the master ensuite, which has a greater Roi than the main bath.


Soaker tubs add value only if the space allows for them. In other words, don’t add a soaker tub to a tiny bathroom; instead, add functional storage and floorspace. A narrower, freestanding soaker tub takes up less space and is less oppressive than inset models.


This enhancement will not appeal to every prospective buyer. Nonetheless, this feature is on many buyers’ wish lists and should be considered if you’re designing a luxury bathroom.


Vanity Enhancements

Another worthwhile investment is to upgrade the vanity. At the very least, outdated styles must be replaced with modern, neutral alternatives. Replace worn-out faucets and countertops with more appealing options, and clean the caulking.


Consider replacing a wonky, cupboard-style vanity with a pedestal sink or vanity that is attached to the wall. In a small bathroom, these alternatives give the impression of more floor space. These styles also help to improve accessibility.


One disadvantage of replacing a cupboard-style vanity with a pedestal sink is the deficit of storage space. Consider installing recessed open shelves or an over-the-toilet unit.


A narrow bench with concealed storage next to the shower or tub could also be added. Staging the room with visually appealing baskets will also help to maximize the space.


Including a double sink in the master bathroom can be a selling point. Couples lead hectic lives, and gearing up in shared areas can be difficult. In a family-style home, a double vanity setup with two sinks and unique areas is very appealing.


Lighting Variety



Most homeowners don’t consider having multiple lighting options until they see it in action. It’s time to replace your bathroom’s single, unremarkable overhead light.


Begin by adding bright, even vanity lighting to enhance the experience of getting ready. Replace exhausted ceiling – mounted fixtures with a focal point, such as a chandelier or pendant.


Shower lighting can create a soothing atmosphere that will complement a bathroom renovation. A nice, lavish touch that will add a wow factor when selling your home is to add an electric fireplace to the doorframe between the master bath and bedroom.


Finally, add low lighting along the floor boards or vanity for late-night bathroom visits. These nightlights should be bright enough to avoid stepping or stubbing a toe, but not so bright that they completely wake someone up. This feature is also useful in family-oriented households.


Putting in a Second Bathroom

In homes with only one bathroom, adding a second bathroom is the most valuable bathroom upgrade. One of the main impediments for potential buyers is a lack of bathrooms. There should be a restroom on each floor of a multi-story home.


A full bathroom can boost your home’s resale value by 5.7%, while a half bath can boost it by 2.9%. The law of diminishing returns applies to this upgrade. In other words, while adding a second bathroom adds accelerating value, adding a fourth or fifth bathroom will not.


Before investing in a major bathroom remodel, consult with a realtor. Knowing your market and who is most likely to purchase your home is critical for maximizing your ROI.