4 Simple Ways to Style a Coffee Table

Here are four different ways to decorate a coffee table to entice potential buyers. (infograph)

Clever | Source: Architectural Digest

Arranging goods on a coffee table is a simple skill to master. Play around with the four options in this infographic. In the end, it comes down to the effect you want to create in order to persuade a possible buyer that this is the property for them. The statement from the coffee table should reflect the lifestyle that a house buyer envisions for themselves.

1. STANDARD – Add one or two huge book stacks (coffee table books). Allow the literature to take center stage. These lovely huge books can be found at thrift stores and local rummage sales. Small accent items should be strewn throughout the books. Keep the focus on the coffee table by placing a vase of flowers on it.

2. ENTERTAINING – On the coffee table, place an elegant tray with a beautiful water carafe and glasses. Because you rarely have food out while showing a home to buyers, try putting out little bowls with interesting designs that suggest they could be used for snacks. Place a game on the table, such as a chess set or a deck of cards, to make it appear as if the house is about to host family and/or guests.

3. CENTER OF ATTENTION – Begin with a statement piece, such as a grand bowl or a sculpture (a sculpture on this table should be no more than 15 inches tall and take up about 1/3 to 1/2 of the coffee table’s length, with a maximum width of about 1/3 of the table’s width to be considered a statement piece). Add two to three large books to the mix. To keep the design interesting while keeping the major piece as the focal point, use a smaller arrangement of flowers, such as a grid of bud vases.

4. TEA TIME – The addition of a tea set should complement the home’s general style (modern, country, traditional). A classic silver tea set is an exception, as it can offer beauty to most rooms. Make sure the tea set is resting on something interesting, such as a complementary tray or a piece of stone like marble. Add textiles to soften the look (small tablecloth or cloth napkins). Use one book, a large art book with an interesting photo “open” (preferably an abstract).

Whatever manner you decorate the coffee table, it should not overpower the room’s appearance while also serving as a visual statement of the family’s lifestyle.

The Luxury Home Selling Guide is written by Eileen Robinson.

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