23 Things to Get Rid of Today

Decluttering is the best and most efficient way to get organized in the new year.  You won’t ever have to deal again with an item once you’ve decluttered it.  It reduces stress and can help you organize your home.  Because it sets us up to succeed, we always begin the new year with a decluttering mission in our Insiders membership.

You don’t have to feel defeated if you try everything and nothing works.  There is still something that works for you.  I can tell that I get a lot from seeing the before and afterwards photos that our Insiders take in our annual Decluttering Mission.  Perhaps you’ll find inspiration in my 23 Things to Declutter Today video.  It can be found here. Or, you can read it to see the things I decluttered.

Marissa, Marissa from A to Z Life is my friend. We are working together this year.  You can now declutter your home with these 23 videos we created together.  Marissa’s video is available here.

1.  Declutter your home! 

Please, please, get your returns processed!  These returns are not money, they’re just money that is sitting around. Get them out of your life and back into the shops, while also putting money in your bank account.  I have a lot of returns so I’m starting to do something today.

2.  Declutter mismatched socks!

I know you think you’ll find the mates to those socks one of these days, but, truth time– you probably won’t.  Because the mate never comes, you’ll just leave them there.  You can toss them now, and you won’t have to deal with them anymore when you wash your laundry.

3.  Get rid of duplicate photos from your phone

We all take 23 billion pictures of our kids blowing out birthday candles to make sure we have the right one.  There is only one good picture, so get rid of the rest and make room for that one.

4.  Destroy old emails

This is a legit photo of my inbox a while ago– yes, that’s 76,946 emails.  Eek.  Eek.  The video is available here.

5.  Declutter your Instant Pot!

It’s fine if you use your Instant Pot.  If you buy it for the trendiest appliance of recent years, but you never use it, do you really need it hanging around in your cabinets?  If…

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